Working with input file packages

CNSFACE can import properly formatted CNS input files and allows user to vary defaults, specify the parameters which will be derived from a dataset or model, and configure the items shown everytime the script is executed. This provides great flexibility, but also allows persistence regarding the updates and modifications of the scripts (e.g. when standard scripts changed dramatically from CNS 1.1 to 1.2). The drawback is that scripts are not built into the program (although starting with 0.0.3-acton some are included in the distribution tarball). When you start the CNSFACE for the first time, there are no scripts to run!

First, you can activate the standard set of scripts that came with CNSFACE. These will change over time, and you can always get the most recent package by loading the standard packages (push this button on the toolbar). Second, you can download input file packages separately (cnsface-scripts) and install them by importing a package file (push this button ). Also, if you created your own subset (by writing your own properly formatted CNS scripts or by modifying the defaults and such) and would like to share it with others or with yourself on a different computer, you can export individual directories into a tarball (push this button ).